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A+A Attitude Contemporary Womenswear SS 2021

A+A Attitude Contemporary Womenswear SS 2021


2 issues per Year: January / July

  • Description

    Product Description

    A+A Attitude Contemporary Womenswear SS 2021

    The Textile name has been replaced by the name ATTITUDE

    Extensive and significant inspirations for fabrics, yarns and colors for woman’s fashion
    It includes: key seasonal themes, a large selection of fabrics and materials, key words, inspirational imagery as well as a carefully selected color range and color harmonies. The book includes extra color swatches.

    The new book A+A Attitude, is dedicated to fabrics with a focus on yarns, fabrics, textures and materials.
    Divided into 6 themes with a 42-color palette, coded PANTONE ® and SCOTDIC ®, this title includes more than 130 samples useful for the creation of pre-collections for women’s wear.

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