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Collezioni Trends n. 128

Collezioni Trends n. 128


4 issues per year: Jan. / Feb. / July / Sept.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Collezioni Trends n. 128

    The most comprehensive preview of raw materials plus all the major textiles fairs. Up and coming trends in yarns, fabrics and accessories grouped together and then described separately under the headings of colors, yarns, wools, fabrics, prints and profiles. The main focus is on the women’s, men’s, children’s and sports-casual wear markets. New trends are presented in an inspirational and tangible way, combining fascinating images with the most innovative products on the market. Catwalk and showroom reportages from around the world confirm the direction fashion is taking. The coming season’s trends are described six months in advance of the fashion shows, after extensive research carried out by expert textile consultants. The magazine is completed by three sections dedicated to the previous season’s bestsellers, to trends emerging from fashion textiles fairs all over the world and to new technology.


    Knitwear in the foreground, from yarns to fashion shows on international catwalks.

    A large display of Fall/Winter 2020-21 collections dedicated to yarns, with color charts, stitches, sophisticated weaves, and elaborate combinations, suggesting new interpretations dedicated to different lifestyles.

    In the spotlight, the most prestigious and representative spinning mills in the Italian panorama.
    Lines, motifs, patterns, all budding themes in knitwear by the most accredited designers, selected from international runway shows.

    From textile salons, previews for Fall/Winter 2020-21 collections stand out among real and virtual, exuberance and provocation, imagination and new harmonies.
    Ambiance, textures, prints, and decorations interpret the new season, while color charts that range from bold shades and smoky nuances depict it.

    Sustainability in the forefront in GO GREEN!
    The story

    Interior atmospheres in settings dedicated to every day intimacy and design.

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