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220 pages =  CD-ROM attachment – The patterns are file bitmap (Jpg, 300 dpi) for use PC – Macintosh.

Text in Italian and English

  • Description

    Product Description

    Designs. 1200 modular models
    This book is a tribute to Enzo Sonvico, textile designer Como / Italy that is deeply rooted in the tradition of silk textile city.
    Basic models, but only for very complex designs, this book provides a veritable galaxy of ideas that is beyond all the trends and conventions, offering thousands of ideas for designs that are inspired by Asian and oriental ornaments with geometric patterns, plants, flowers and animals, ancient and modern, heraldry, fantasy elements, accessories, sports and fashion, fairy tale motifs, the magic of circus and much more. – All designs are presented with modular repetitions. The CD-ROM contains all the designs shown in the book as a bitmap (jpg, 300 dpi) for use on PC and Macintosh. – 25,5 x 30,5 cm, hardcover with slipcase sturdy, 220 pages, text in Italian and English.

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