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Esquire Magazine

Esquire Magazine




Different covers…
The copy and the N. in progress will be sent

  • Description

    Product Description

    Esquire Magazine

    Bi-annuale: USA

    Different covers… The copy and the N. in progress will be sent

    Billed as “the style manual for successful men“, it is a brand new, twice-yearly guide to the finer things in life, brought to you by the people behind Esquire (that’s us). The Big Black Book covers fashion, food, art, design, drinks, cars, travel, grooming, watches, interiors: the stuff without which our days would be ugly and cheerless and, as they say in New York, meh.

    Unlike certain other magazines we could mention — but won’t, because it wouldn’t be very stylish — The Big Black 
Book is aimed at smart, sophisticated, switched-on men (that’s you) who don’t want to look like a teenage street-style blogger’s Dalston hangover — yes, we have clothes you will actually be able to wear! — and it puts as much emphasis on sharp writing and useful information as it does on crisp photography and slick styling.

    So there’s plenty to read, plenty to look at, plenty to buy, plenty to investigate. The idea is that before you consider a new summer suit, a pair of shoes, a sports watch — or even a sports car — you will consult your Esquire Magazine for confirmation, or inspiration, or even just diversion.

    Words by Alex Bilmes

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