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  • Description

    Product Description


    is a leading OnLine Forecasting and Fashion Trend Analysis Service covering the

    LADIES, JUNIOR LADIE’S, MEN, YUNG MEN’S, CHILDREN’S, Infant & Toddler markets, as well as DENIM and other specialized markets.

    Was created by experienced designers and merchandisers to bring practical inspiration to creative teams in fashion and licensing companies.

    Through its Creative Services Division, FASHION SNOOPS goes beyond the Internet lines to provide a wide variety of consulting and outsourced services in the areas of research, design, merchandising, styling and graphic art.

    Logo Fashion Snoops

    offers subscription packages based on services the client chooses (a la carte) and the number of users.
    For more individual information and prices, please contact our Sales and Service Team.

    For further queries, presentation and FREE TRIALS please contact:

    ph: +39 081 3952823  |  e-mail: info@ideedaprodurre.com


    offers subscription for following different online services, sold separately or combined:

    COMLETE Service

    Servizio COMLETO

    WOMAN Service


    MEN Service


    Youth BOY & GIRL Service

    Servizio Youth BOY & GIRL

    KIDS Service

    Servizio BAMBINO


    Servizio ACCESSORI

    BEAUTY Service

    Servizio Beauty

    HOME Service

    Servizio Home

    Fashion Snoops

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