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GraphiCollection Mini Book Vol. 2 +DVD

GraphiCollection Mini Book Vol. 2 +DVD


DVD with graphics in vector file format.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Graphicollection MINIBOOK vol. 2 is a book with a new design with more themes and lots of ideas for your artistic creations.

    Graphicollection presents a new series of books dedicated to the world of the newborn.
    Leafing through the pages you will enter a universe populated by fun teddy bears that play and dance, nice little girls in fashion and shopping and with cute smiling puppies. You will also find many items such as precious jewels, colorful perfumes, shoes, handbags and tricks to create stylish graphics!

    The novelty of our books is the use of various drawing techniques; pencils, felt-tip pens, watercolors and tempera to make our style unique and inimitable, which for years has distinguished us in the market. In addition to the graphics inside the book there are also many new all-over created with delicious little flowers and woven patterns formed by ultra fashion objects. In the final part of the book you will find a personalized gallery of t-shirts, dresses, rompers, knitwear, trousers and skirts. So many ideas to use to create your new style!

    The second volume of the MINIBABY series has arrived. Graphicollection presents its new book dedicated to the world of children, even more graphic and many all-over to make prints always fashionable. Teddy bears, little kittens and many other animals inserted in romantic atmospheres accompanied by flowers, roses and lots of bows and hearts, beautiful princesses and girls in trendy style walking around the city, little bears immersed in nature and still sweet dancers and little kittens with hats and fashion glasses. Many of our graphics are made in pencil, tempera and watercolors, thus giving a real and artisanal taste to what we create.

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