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HERO Magazine

HERO Magazine


2 Issues per year: March / October

Different covers…
The copy and the No. in progress will be sent

  • Description

    Product Description

    HERO Magazine

    Different covers… The copy and the No. in progress will be sent

    HERO has quickly become widely recognised as the most relevant, fashion-forward destination for a switched-on, intelligent and demanding readership.

    Fed up of ‘more of the same’, our audience revels in our fresh perspective.


    HERO is our antidote to the stuffy and over-thought cultural dryness that has gripped menswear publishing.

    We strive to make a magazine and website that are not afraid to be visually led and arresting – have beautiful photography, amazing fashion and great, informal interviews with actors, designers and friends – and for that to be something to celebrate and revel in.

    Our emphatic definition of the season is a joyously curated vision of what we love. No filler news pieces or fluff articles, just pure and bold statements. We are read by taste-making men in their twenties, thirties and forties who love fashion and culture, and want to be excited by it again.

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