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Language: Japanese

Limited Edition

  • Description

    Product Description

    Lightning Vol. 167 DENIM ULTIMATE CATALOG

    An overview of each jeans brand, a thorough explanation of standard models, discoloration samples and production backgrounds, and denim recipes (material details such as fabrics, sewing, leather patches) are described in detail.

    It was quite a maniac and the amount of information was at a level that denim fans would groan.

    Introducing discoloration samples by brand that can be used as a guide when purchasing jeans. We picked up detailed data from discolored samples that you care about, such as how many years you have worn it, how often you washed it, and what kind of condition you started from. In addition, rigid for this fall colors sample (raw), to Wash model is respect, fabric ounce, the thread used, sewing of spec, parts specifications, and the commentary of detail, for fans of “detailed specification”.

    It is a buyer’s guide with. Since the brands you are interested in are listed in alphabetical order, you can quickly search for the brand you are looking for, and the brands you picked up are sure to be fun to read, such as the secret story of birth, history, and the charm of denim that the owner himself talks about. Coverage. If you keep this one book at hand, you will surely find the one you want when you want it.

    This is a completely preserved version of the denim guide. At the end of the book, we also explain “Nanocolloid Premium Denim Wash”.

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