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Modellistica Femminile Per Sartoria

Modellistica Femminile Per Sartoria


204 pages
Language: Italian

  • Description

    Product Description

    Modellistica Femminile Per Sartoria

    Female modeling for tailoring
    To reproduce in a clear, simple and intuitive way the basic models of women’s clothing in classic variants that are fundamental in tailoring training.

    Tailoring, today lacking in personnel and specialized figures, is one of the sectors that have made Made in Italy known all over the world.

    The texts “Male modeling for tailoring” and “Female modeling for tailoring” arise from the need to propose a method of creation of innovative, simple and intuitive models, experienced over years of tailoring work.

    The manuals are aimed at all those who want to discover and undertake the work of the tailor for too long left in the background compared to industrial production and consequently led to a slow and gradual disappearance.

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