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ODDA Magazine

ODDA Magazine


2 Issues per year

Different covers…
The copy and the No. in progress will be sent

  • Description

    Product Description

    ODDA Magazine

    Different covers… The copy and the No. in progress will be sent

    For the very first time since ODDA launched, back in 2012, ODDA has featured a single protagonist on all three covers.

    The iconic actress, soul and forever young Sigourney Weaver photographed by Jens Ingvarsson, styled by Georgia Tal and creative direction by David Martin.

    ODDA Magazine is an intimate conduit between its readers and the myriad individuals who make up the global fashion industry. It is an edgy yet contemporary bi-annual publication for both men and women where fashion’s diverse tastes and milieus are covered in an egalitarian manner, simultaneously representing the Zeitgeist; paying homage to the past and looking directly at the future on each glossy page.

    Each edition is buoyed by a distinct and culturally pertinent theme, where we dedicate interviews, articles and editorials to the industry’s creatives, artists and philanthropists and offer them a platform to re-interpret their vision and in effect allow our readers to dream, discover and ultimately develop their own creative instinct.

    Finally, ODDA is a cultural and futuristic examination of how today’s fashion will affect tomorrow’s and pays heed to each individual who helps to reinvent and keep the wheel turning, while offering both visual and experiential content to all of those who want to remain cognizant and be INSPIRED.

    With our 16th issue launched on the 16th of February at TATE MODERN in London as a preview, MFW, and currently at WH SMITH in Paris for PFW, ODDA 16 is NOW available at MoMAps1 in NYC. The new issue celebrates the approach to what’s mainstream. In line of ODDA’s narrative, where past, present and future are elements always connected and with feelings and inspirations at its core, we felt that Tate, WH Smith and MoMa hold the perfect venue for our preview during LFW, MFW, PFW and our city NYC.

    And this is just one of the voices featured…

    In the 576 pages that comprise ODDA, there are 22 fashion shootings, 8 brand specials, including Comme des Garçons Homme Plus, Celine or Givenchy, and 14 profile features on mainstream creatives, talents and designers.

    ODDA takes you away in a world of sensations. You have the chance to hear different stories of people who realized their dreams, or who are pursuing them now as we speak. Young talents who have a massive following and influence online, but in truth are still figuring out who they are and what they want to do. Everyone has their own view and take on what is inspiring, what makes it interesting is what you do with this kind of stimulus.

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