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Outdoor Style – Country Style Vol. 1 +DVD

Outdoor Style – Country Style Vol. 1 +DVD


160 Disigns Vectorial Format

  • Description

    Product Description

    Outdoor Style – Country Style Vol. 1 +DVD

    Never a look was so well suited to its target, in this case the male, as that of “Outdoor” in its various facets, from Navy to Country Look, from Travel to Sport.
    In the case of “Country Look” with the elegant variant made of Clubs and Riding or with the rustic variant made of Hunting, Fishing Contests and Walks in the Woods you can create an atmosphere of chic and comfortable fashion
    with noble materials and natural colours.

    Thus the male marks his territory and shows his best qualities of strength and confidence, naturalness and tradition.
    An idea developed in the 80s it is now back in fashion to give certainty, solidity, classical values in which he takes refuge, not seeing a secure future and wanting to take inspiration from a prosperous past.

    A new idea of classic that as then we can call “Classic Nouveau“.

    PAGES : 144
    SIZE : 240 mm x 307 mm ( internal pages )
    WEIGHT : 1320 gr.
    1 DVD included in each book
    160 DESIGNS saved in 5 ways
    4 Vectorial Format + 1 Bitmap at 72 ppi

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