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PANTONE Fashion & Home Polyester Swatch Book

PANTONE Fashion & Home Polyester Swatch Book


203 polyester colors

  • Description

    Product Description

    PANTONE Fashion & Home Polyester Swatch Book

    Polyester Swatch Book
    An easy-to-use portfolio of 203 polyester colors for apparel, textile and soft home design.
    With 203 unique, forecast-driven colors for designers and colorists working in apparel, textiles, and soft home, Pantone’s Polyester Swatch Book offers an easy-to-use portfolio of color in an all-new, redesigned binder format. 2”x 2” mini swatches are secured, doubled layered, and affixed on unbacked 100% polyester fabric. Cascading pockets allow for easy visibility of five swatch cards per row, with a full 35 colors visible per page in a lightweight binder. Swatch cards remain secure on the page, and when removed, include printed names on the pockets for easy identification and return.

    Improved binder format built for future color expansion.
    Cascading pockets allow for easy visibility of five swatch cards per row, with a full 35 colors visible per page.
    Printed swatch card names on the pockets allow for easy identification and return of swatch card into page.
    Swatch cards remain secure and affixed into page for easy transportation – from design room to desk and beyond.
    Removable swatches facilitate seamless color selection and palette development
    Mini-swatch’ format helps secure the loose side of the fabric so that it is better protected from wrinkling and folding. Material: 100% non-recycled polyester.

    203 trend-driven neutral, bright, and pastel colors, dyed on 100% polyester fabric
    Double-layered, unbacked fabric on a non-optically brightened paper card for true representation of the color
    Colors offered in Polyester are complementary to our existing Cotton color palette with no overlap, allowing designers the ability to have balanced color stories
    All Pantone Polyester Colors formulated for achievability, repeatability, and fastness
    Colors arranged in chromatic order with numbers on pages and printed index diagram on inside cover
    Each color refers to a corresponding Swatch Card, the standard for color accuracy

    Individually labelled 2” x 2” mini swatches, perfect for palette development.
    Use for athleisure, swimwear, hosiery, sleepwear, footwear, juvenile, outdoor sports, soft goods, and kidswear products.
    Use for palette development, mood boards, presentations, and internal color communication

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