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PANTONE Metallic Chips Book

PANTONE Metallic Chips Book


655 colori metallici
per la stampa e il packaging

  • Description

    Product Description

    PANTONE Metallic Chips Book

    The PANTONE Graphics System presents a complete collection of 655 Metallic colors for print and packaging, including 54 new trend– and market-relevant colors, plus a new Rose Gold base ink.

    PANTONE Metallics

    PANTONE Metallics provide economic color options that are easy to use, specify, and amplify for luxurious and dynamic results.

    Coating options are included within the chip book for a quick reference to just a few of the many ways that metallic effects can be enhanced for your projects’ needs.

    PANTONE Colors are high quality, reliable, and available off-the-shelf anywhere you go.

    Use for packaging, logos, branding, signage, and marketing materials.

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