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Patchwork Textures Vol. 1 +DVD

Patchwork Textures Vol. 1 +DVD


in the attached DVD
with vector and jpg files in high resolution
496 published drawings

  • Description

    Product Description

    Patchwork Textures Vol. 1 +DVD

    Large and small flowers interrupted by geometries, squares, stripes and polka dots. A wealth of ideas, overlays, cut-outs, intersected by tender animals and delicate country-style objects.

    An explosion of romance for both a young target and a more adult female target.

    Each drawing is composed of different textures and these are all inserted individually both in the book, next to the patchwork design and in the attached DVD.

    This allows designers to make different montages and mix these designs with others in the book.
    The possibilities in this case are innumerable and become thousands starting from the 496 published drawings.

    The development of this book has taken years of work in the hope that it will be useful to designers who have shared my research and my work.

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