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Provencal Style Textures vol. 1

Provencal Style Textures vol. 1


1 issues per year


  • Description

    Product Description

    Provencal Style Textures vol. 1

    Provençal looks like a country style, simple and refined. Light and colorful as suspended gardens between the blue sky and the blue sea.
    Provencal textile art is linked to particular designs and colours that are well suited to furnishings created to better feel the sunny atmosphere of southern France where everything gives the feeling of good weather.

    And they are mostly white and blue, blue and yellow, but also red and green.

    Lines of flowers and geometries with black contours on strong and clear backgrounds or squares and small flowers with slight shades of blue or purple immersed in white to give freshness.

    This gives us joy to live and also gives us elegance, how can we resist it?

    You find 210 Designs

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