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+DVD vector formats:
*.ai (Adobe Illustrator)
*.eps (for Illustrator and CorelDraw )
*.pdf (for Adobe Acrobat and all software mentioned).

  • Description

    Product Description

    Ready To Use THE NEW FIFTIES +DVD. The spirit of 1950 made with a fresh new design, especially in the textile sector.
    Contemporary art has encouraged designers to an innovative use of color, organic forms with new lines, which inspired the designers to create imaginative new models of inventiveness, which could retain their charm to this day.
    The new publication NEW FIFTIES Series ready to use presents an updated draft of this inspiring collection was interpreted with a contemporary twist. This new book presents 138 drawings multifunctional, suitable for Fashion, Interior Design, Architecture, Home Textiles, Beauty, Lifestyle, gift boxes, stationery – All designs are developed taking into account the specific criteria of the trends of the industry.
    • 138 files in vector design and multi-layered levels.
    • extra levels in each drawing file with different functions, such as rails, platforms, line drawings, individual design elements, etc.
    • Many elements are already windowed and separated.
    • All designs are arranged in a size of 35 cm x 32 cm.
    • All elements in this book can be divided and multiplied. Most of repetitions used in industry adapts to these proportions.
    • Each design has been created as a vector file. This means that you can change designs without losing any quality.
    •DVD with all designs in the vector formats: *.ai (Adobe Illustrator CS5 or newer), *.eps (for Illustrator CS5 and CorelDraw Graphic Suite X5 or newer), *.pdf (for Adobe Acrobat and all software mentioned).
    With this support you get closer to achieve your aim of developing a sales-boosting collection.

    Ring binder with removable pages, 34 cm x 28 cm

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