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    Product Description

    ShoesPlanet: LEARN MORE… Subscription

    Shoesplanet.com: the best way to stay on top of present and future trends and styles in footwear and handbags!

    Fashion research requires tools that combine professional competence and updates on the latest in this quickly changing business, from creative processes to market concerns.

    For over 14 years, Shoesplanet.com has proved to be a specialized site dedicated to anything and everything that happens in the footwear and handbag system. The site is geared towards designers and developers of collections, shoe manufacturers, handbag makers, buyers and industry journalists.

    With a head office in Italy, correspondents in top fashion capitals and prestigious clients the world over, the Shoesplanet.com team publishes weekly updates and has become one of today’s most important international tools for online fashion research specializing in footwear and handbags.

    Shoesplanet.com is available in five languages: English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese.

    WOULD YOU LIKE TO VISIT? Call the telephone number: +39 0813952823
    or send an e-mail to info@ideedaprodurre.com leaving your personal data to be able to contact.

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