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SpaghettiMag. n. 09

SpaghettiMag. n. 09


2 issues per Year

  • Description

    Product Description

    SpaghettiMag. n. 09

    SpaghettiMag. is an independent paper magazine with a six-monthly release, sold in selected corners in Italy and around the world.

    This is a magazine aimed at professionals and fans of Fashion & Lifestyle, translated into Italian, English and Arabic.

    Creative Director & Cool Hunter, Emira M’Sakni is the “Deus ex Machina” behind the SpaghettiMag project. scrupulously chooses the topics, selects the collaborators, coordinates the activities and makes sure that all the contents are consistent with the fil rouge of each number.

    Fundamental prerogative of SpaghettiMag. it is the exclusivity of the contents: every editorial is unpublished, just like every article or interview.

    This guarantees the reader to increase his cultural baggage with something never seen or read elsewhere and to appropriate a new way of looking at things: far from the mainstream

    SpaghettiMag. #09 “MÉTISSAGE”

    Métissage derives from métis, which in turn derives from the Latin mixticius = of mixed race.
    Creolization, métissage, hybridization are words that indicate realities formed by different contributions, transformations deriving from contacts and exchanges. Not as phenomena of corruption of cultural individualities, rather as a fundamental dimension of every cultural and human reality.
    The meeting of new languages and signs and previous affiliations creates new identities, through a process of fusion and interchange. A process that is not a simple summation, but becomes a perfect synthesis of different cultural contributions.
    SpaghettiMag. # 09 analyzes this process, enhances it and highlights the many nuances and harmonies that “the Métissage” is able to originate.

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