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Studio Woman 2.1 Prints & Styles

Studio Woman 2.1 Prints & Styles


incl. USB stick
Incl. vector files

  • Description

    Product Description

    Studio Woman 2.1 Prints & Styles

    The new book STUDIO woman 2.1 book offers a set of 12 women’s trendy themes between spring summer and fall winter for a total of 36 different graphic themes.

    Each theme is accompanied by a search for images to define mood and stylistic taste while the graphics and vector templates presented, let you quickly visualize the impact of the collection.

    A wide range of original artworks for prints, embroidery, apps, badges, allover prints and coordinated labeling.

    NEWS: From this season, the title is enriched with 20 real badges applied on the pages to make the most of novelties in terms of techniques and materials.

    It is certainly a new product that pushes itself beyond the only graphics proposal and is easy to read and use.
    About 128 pages of inspiration, complete with PANTONE® color references and vector files provided in * .ai (Adobe Illustrator CS5) and * .jpg.

    Files will be provided on usb stick

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