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TEXITURA N. 62 The Paisley Book

TEXITURA N. 62 The Paisley Book



108 designs (vector digital files – AI)

  • Description

    Product Description

    TEXITURA N. 62 The Paisley Book

    In Texitura N. 62 Te Paisley Book you will find 108 beautiful original complete pattern design repeats.

    They have been created by some of the most active pattern designers in the internatinal market today and they are unique, meaning that they are not sold through any other platform.

    There are only 50 copies of Texitura N. 62 out there, and once you get yours, you can use the 108 original designs as you wish, since there is a CD inside the book where you will find all the vector digital files (AI) belonging to the 108 designs, along with a right disclaimer that allows you to use, modify, or do with them as you want.

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