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Textilepedia The complete fabric guide

Textilepedia The complete fabric guide


The complete fabric guide
Language: English
Hard Cover
248 pages

  • Description

    Product Description

    Textilepedia The complete fabric guide

    TEXTILPEDIA is an encyclopedia of textile information, from the material to the yarn, from the structure of the fabric to the finishing process.

    With practical tips for a range of fabrics and detailed images, this ultra accessible manual is the perfect companion for fashion enthusiasts and aspiring stylists.

    Practical tips with a wide range of fabrics detailed images of different types of materials understanding finishing options.

    Textilpedia: A quick, easy-to-navigate guide that simplifies complicated information about fabrics and fibers using comparisons and stories. Whether you are a student or an industry veteran, Textilepedia is the guide you will never leave.


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