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Trendsetter Women Graphic Collection Vol.2 +DVD

Trendsetter Women Graphic Collection Vol.2 +DVD


2 DVD includes file:
AI ( Adobe Illustrator CS e versioni successive)
PSD ( Adobe Photoshop CS e versioni successive)
Adobe PDF

  • Description

    Product Description

    Trendsetter Women Graphic Collection Vol.2 +DVD clothing for Women,

    This complete graphics package includes a variety of topics and ideas for the development of best-selling collections,

    from classic to trendy young. The new book has been developed by experienced designers, specifically for the fashion industry.

    Trendsetter Women Graphic Collection, 120 pages you will find many topics – everything you need for a successful collection.

    On the DVD, you’ll find more than 600 works of art meticulously designed prints, patches, stripes, and allovers.

    The respective DVD includes: AI (Adobe Illustrator CS and later), PSD (Adobe Photoshop CS and later versions)

    and Adobe PDF. All files can be used for PC and MAC.

    The trendsetter “WOMEN VOL.2” graphic book also includes 93 color themes elaborated, with the corresponding codes PANTONE ® Textile.

    55 issues collected in all areas – 93 color themes included the codes of the PANTONE ® Fashion + Home Textile

    Hardcover with spiral binding, 27.7 x 35.5 cm,

    120 pages, text: English +2 DVD


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