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WeAr Magazine n. 61

WeAr Magazine n. 61


4 issues per year:
January / April / June / October

  • Description

    Product Description

    WeAr Magazine n. 61

    WEAR Magazine high-class magazine for fashion and design retail that meets the leisure symbiosis of art, fashion and visual information , with the phenomena of personal opinions.

    The reader is informed of the most interesting collections , stores and market news around the world in the field of fashion , shoes and accessories for the high-end segment , complemented by trend reports from the major cities of the world and from the fairs, news, research , contacts, interviews, Business Talk, tips.

    Focused on better. The emphasis is on the visual image of: – relevant Shops , showrooms , shop windows , interior design , product presentations.

    Look Book: Premium photo shows and the latest news from the most important trade fairs in the world.

    Reports on the main city. People , shops, lifestyle. – Photo of collections , trends.

    Art and the spirit of the time inform the presentation.

    WEAR Magazine The cover, opening pages and graphics are always of a famous artist. The ‘ visual information is clear, accessible , lively, professional.

    The texts on various topics and interviews are short. They benefit the reader by providing information that increases its volume of business and business.

    WEAR Magazine. The magazine is published in 8 languages: German wearð = WEARENG = English Italian = WEARIT WEARRUS = Russian = WEARMA Mandarin WEARJ = WEARFR Japanese French = Spanish = WEARES Please quote ‘s order , the version you want to receive.


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